CouCouCakes would be excited to be apart of your special day, whether its birthdays, day events, baby showers, holidays but our favorite... Just because. Our special orders need up to 72 hours in advance pricing upon request. No matter what your southern heart desires, we best do our very best to make them a home sweet home reality.



We would love to be apart of your neighborhood, by bringing some southern hospitality into your business with CouCouCakes. If you're interested in having a little southern CouCou in your restaurant or café. Contact us via email with details of your store, what product you would like and of course location.



We would love to bake everything for you! I mean we are in the south where we always do it big. Contact us for your large meetings,weekend events, and weddings for CouCouCakes Southern Bakery. We will guarantee your guest feeling home sweet home with every bite.












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