Our unique brand of made to order desserts will never contain anything fake or unnatural.We use recycled products for all dessert handling,plus all frosting's and toppings are Organic and handmade just for you. We make everything fresh from scratch for your southern pallets to enjoy anytime of the day.Here at CouCoucakes we take pride in introducing a new outlook on the "healthy" dessert..




We provide quality organic  flours, real sweet cream butters,pure organic vanillas,The freshest fruit, cage free organic eggs, quality organic milks and NO Crisco in anything.



Don't worry if you cant have sugar,dairy,Gluten free or even if you're vegan.we offer our coucoucakes for all of our lovely tree huggers,southern folks and health foodies alike.




CouCouCakes takes pride in delivering the best,freshest and local ingredients so we want to keep providing that! We love to hand deliver all of our treats in Atlanta !


Cupcakes are sold by the dozen starting at 40.00


3 Layer Organic Cakes upon request start at 35.00

All Organic Cheesecakes upon request start at 40.00


Cookies and Brownies Now available special order by the Dozen !


Pricing is subject to change for special order request.